My mother is married!

Do you ever feel the need for a weekend after your weekend?

That’s how I’ve felt all day!

But a wonderful weekend it was! My mom is now married. 🙂

Friday night started with a Rehearsal dinner at Russell’s daughter Lynne Anne’s house.

She made a wonderful salad, potatoes, green beans, salmon & a southern dessert of spiked peaches over ice cream.

I am very jealous of their house.  Lots of fruit trees in the backyard & avocados!!  Some day..

After dinner we all went to the venue to start setting up for Saturday.  After set-up we tried to figure out what people our age do in Poway.  We decided on Poway Fun Bowl. 🙂

Todd & I did get a yoga session in at Corepower in Poway Saturday morning with Lisa.  It was just what I needed.  Yoga makes everything more relaxing.

From then on out it was all wedding business!  After more setting up, my mom & I went to get make-up & hair done.  It was fun except I realize I never like getting my make-up done.  Will I ever learn?

I forced some lunch in my mom & tried to get her excited.  She was nervous all day & had butterflies.  She didn’t want to be the center of attention.  All she wanted to do was wait on everyone at her own wedding.  🙂  Oh mom, you gotta love her.

This is the point where I failed.  I didn’t take one photo all day on Saturday!  I’m so upset with myself now!  We had disposable cameras on all the tables so I’m hoping someone got some good photos.  We will see..  though I know we didn’t get any group shots because I didn’t pose for a picture. 🙁

All in all, I think everyone had a great time & my mom was happy.

As part of the cupcake spread, I made Funfetti cupcakes using Jessica’s recipe.

While waiting for the butter to get to room temperature I measured all the ingredients out into bowls.  It was a good idea until I put the powdered sugar (for the icing) in the mixer instead of flour.  I threw away 6.5 cups of powdered sugar & probably almost a pound of butter.  Let’s just say Todd went to the store for me multiple times that night.

I did finally get it right & I was pretty proud of them.  I don’t make cupcakes or bake anything sweet for that matter very often.  If they are in the house, I will eat them!  This was the perfect time to play a little bit in the kitchen, and play I did!  You should’ve seen my kitchen until tonight when I finally cleaned it a bit.

Sprinkles.Flour.Sugar EVERYWHERE!!

Now for dinner tonight, while thinking of my mom & Russell starting their honeymoon in Alabama, I made my own take on a Southern dish, grits & greens.

I made polenta using this recipe but I used less butter & cheese (probably 2/3 the amount).   Next time I will play with the add-ins & I probably won’t put it in the oven.  I don’t think it’s necessary, I think the stove-top will be just fine & give me more control of how often I can stir it.

I topped the polenta with steamed greens (Chard & an unknown that was in my CSA box) & some sauteed chicken sausage.

Mom, Russell we are thinking of you & you better eat some grits & greens while you are out there!

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    Where did they get married?

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