Grapefruit Mamma Chia

Two years ago I made my first attempt at Mamma Chia after seeing it for the first time at Carlsbad Half Marathon race expo. It was such an easy thing to make and probably the post that continually gets the most traffic on this blog.

What took me so long to post another one? Don't ask.. I don't have a good answer.

Anyways.. My brother has a grapefruit tree in his backyard and doesn't eat them! Between my mom, my aunt and I we are trying to make use of them!
I juiced a pretty large amount of grapefruits to get this jar of straight juice.
Mamma Chia is pretty simple! All you really need is chia seeds and liquid.
The combinations are pretty endless.
I tried three versions. One with just grapefruit juice and chia, one with honey added and one with agave added.

~ I put one scoop of chia seeds in 3 eight ounce ball jars.

~ Then I filled them with juice.
~ I added agave to taste to a jar.
~ I heated honey with some juice on the stove to try and get it to mix.
~ Add that mixture to a second jar.
~ Shake and put in fridge overnight for chia to do its work. Shake periodically to ensure even distribution.
What was the outcome? Depends on how much you like grapefruit. :)
I think the best version was the jar with agave. Agave mixes better than honey and cuts down the tartness pretty well.
But, like I said.. Play with it! Add other favors and let me know what you come up with!
Grapefruit Mamma Chia
8 oz grapefruit juice
1 TBSP chia seeds
1-3 TBSP agave (sweeten as much or as little as you'd like)
Shake all ingredients together and let sit in the refrigerator until it looks like the picture above.
I recommend getting some pulp with your juice.. In other words, don't strain it because the pulp helps it thicken. If you don't have pulp or don't want it, you may end up wanting more chia seeds for it to thicken.
I'm still trying to come up with a good chocolate milk mamma chia but it hasn't been working so well yet.
Any other ideas?


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  1. Todd says:

    I think a beer Mamma Chia is in order. Those little chia seeds would soak up the beer, get it nice and thick, and help deliver a longer-lasting, constant dose of alcohol. We could call it Poppa chia.

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