California Oceanside 70.3

Hi! Remember me?
Awhile back now (end of March) I completed my 2nd Half Ironman Distance triathlon or Copperman as Todd wants to change the name too. To him, the word 'Half' makes the race seem insignificant.
Anyways, Todd and I both completed Oceanside Half Ironman and it went great!
We can go on about could'ves would'ves, should'ves..
Like if I trained on my bike more I could've possibly had a chance to beat my overall time from Barb's race..
Or how i should've just sucked it up and not put on my arm warmers and gloves before the bike ride or went back to transition after being out to get my Garmin before the run because there's no way it would last the whole 13.1 miles anyways… That could cut almost 5 minutes from transition time alone!
And that I probably shouldn't have drank so much Gatorade before the race. Maybe my stomach would've felt better.
..But we wont discuss it.. because that's no fun.
This race was on a Saturday which was a nice change from Sunday races. But that meant going to the expo, getting all our stuff together and eating our pre race meal all had to be done after work on Friday. It was a little bit of a hectic night but we got it all done. Including the usual pizza and beer dinner!
Race morning was pretty perfect. Not too cold and we had plenty of time. We parked at the same spot we did the night before at the expo and rode our bikes the mile to the start.
We had time for pictures and to see the boys off. Todd started like a 1/2 hour before me.
The swim was pretty uneventful which is good. I overheard some girls talking about the turn around point at the red buoys. The red buoy came up real early! I had my hopes up for so long as more buoys kept coming and coming. Apparently there were two red buoys.
I finished in 39:41. Barbs race was 39:34. Close enough. :)
Pre-race I drank a Gatorade and ate a Gu while waiting for my swim wave. I think that was a bad idea.
I started getting an upset stomach during the bike. It was cramping and cramping and I got really nervous. I have had stomach problems during marathons before. I self diagnosed that it was from the sugar/caffeine intake during the event and since then I've drastically reduced my caffeine Gu intake while running. I've never had issues on the bike.
Except for on race day.. And it started early.. Too early. If I was cramping so early on the bike how was I supposed to finish this race. It was for sure going to get worse.
So I did the only thing I could think of.. Drank lots of water and didn't eat much.. Especially sugar. I tried to eat my ProBar on the bike as I thought the solid food and water would help dilute whatever was upsetting my tummy.
I ended up finishing the bike in 3:25:35. Barbs race: 3:11:33.
This course was a little hillier and I was less prepared. There was one very steep hill where multiple people were walking their bike up it! I also realized the competition at this race was much stiffer. I think Todd and I were one of the very few people racing without Tri Bikes. It was pretty crazy.. And I got passed a lot on the bike! I think the tri bikes really make a difference!
Once I started running I was just relieved to be off the bike. I pounded a coconut water and drank lots of water. My stomach wasn't normal but it was bearable. I knew I could run 13.1 miles.
For the most part, the run went great. I drank water and ate a couple of orange slices but that's it. I was afraid of what anything else would do to my tummy.
The run course was great. It consisted of lots of out and backs so I saw Todd 3 times I think as well as everyone else I knew on the course. That helped those miles tick by much faster.
As you can see in the picture above, I fell with like 1 mile left. I think a crack in the road jumped up at me! I had blood running down my leg at the finish line.
I finished the run in 2:06. Barbs race was 2:14. Improvement at one sport! :)
Todd has had knee problems while running for basically all of 2013 so far. He hadn't ran much before this race at all. He decided pre-race to do a 3:1 run to walk ratio. He set his watch and ran for 3 minutes and then walked for a minute. He said that worked really well and he finished strong!
My overall time ended up being 6:24:30. Barbs Race: 6:14:41
It was a great day and a great race, no complaints from me. :)
We finished our day at a new restaurant by our house. The Regal Seagull opened walking distance to our house. They have a rotating selection of great beer and sausages. As a bonus, dogs can be on the patio! A huge plus when Stella can come too!
Oceanside Results:
Barbs Race Results:
What am I doing now? Well, I've got some vegetables growing in my backyard which is really fun!
In this picture we have Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, beets, and carrots.
Today we expanded to the ground! My landlord built this semi-planter for me!
Here we have bell peppers, eggplant, cucumbers and pickling cucumbers! Pickles here I come!
Tonight we are eating beer can chicken with home grown veggies! Doesn't get any better than that!
I'm also taking a photography class to learn how to better use my DSLR. It's pretty good so far, I'm already feeling more confident.
Today I signed up for unlimited yoga.. So excited to really get back into yoga!
That's what's new with us. Is it really May already?
What's new with you?


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  2. Amby says:

    Tammy your amazing! It’s so hard to grow veggies in VA, well in the fall anyway, but next spring I’m going to try. Congrats on your half iron man! Great job!

  3. Nicole says:

    Great job!! Yes Oceanside is crazy competitive – everyone was flying by me at that race even on my tri bike :) It’s impressive that you got through all of that with barely anything to eat!

  4. Michelle says:

    You are amazing!!! and I want to try some of the veggies ;)

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