My Fitness/Yoga Journey

I was an active child.  I played softball, basketball, danced & even did some cheer leading & soccer.

In high school I played on the JV softball team my freshman & sophomore year & the freshman basketball team my freshman year.

Come junior year, I didn’t make the Varsity softball team.  There was a group of 9 girls the same age who grew up playing together. All 9 of us made the JV team as freshman.. the problem was when it was time to move up, there just wasn’t enough room.  So.. long story somewhat short, I was an odd man out & didn’t make the team.  This was tough for me.. it was the first time I didn’t make a team I tried out for.. first time I was introduced to ‘failure’ really.

My junior & senior year I didn’t do anything athletic really.. it was a rough time for my family.  I finished up high school & did everything I could to get into college & try and get some scholarships to pay for it.

Alright.. fast forward to college. I went to one try out for the softball team & deemed it too much time & commitment.  I also think I was very intimidated since I hadn’t played since sophomore year.

My health & fitness went up and down for the 4 years of college.  Lets call it phases.  At one point I was taking gym classes (step..abs..) a couple times a week & running on the treadmill. Then there were periods of time where I didn’t do much.. at all.  Naturally, my weight fluctuated a little too.

My diet was similar.  I remember a phase where I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast & then ate only vegetables with a protein here and there for the rest of the day.  Probably not enough fuel for my body.  Then there was the late night mexican food & some not so healthy times.. Dorm food was the best, in my opinion.. I had free range to a salad bar and fresh carved sandwiches whenever I wanted.  I missed that when I moved out.  You could never have all of those veggies in your house at one time!

College is college & I think everyone has some sort of food or weight thing going on, right? That is where the term ‘Freshman 15’ came from..

Let’s talk yoga.  My first yoga class was a UCSD fitness class.  This class put yoga on my spectrum.  I was then introduced to Bikram Yoga by a roommate.  Bikram yoga is 90 minutes long & it is in a pretty hot & humid room.  I loved this style of yoga.  I loved sweating & I felt like I was getting a workout!  Bikram was my only form of exercise for a couple years after college.  But, like most things, in phases.. I’d go 4+ times per week & then I wouldn’t go for months.  But, I loved it.  It was a challenge, you’d get in a good sweat, and it was a chance to clear my mind.

As you can see, I exercised.  Off and on.  I ate healthy, off and on.  I took care of myself, off and on.  Come 2008, I turned over a new leaf.  I took my health & fitness to a new level.  I began eating healthy most of the time, exercised more regularly & I started this little blog.

From 2008 till now..

I’ve Ran:

9 Half Marathons

2 Full Marathons

2 Ragnar Relays (1 regular, 1 ultra!) —Revised to add these, almost forgot! 🙂

I’ve completed:

2 Half Ironmans

3 Sprint Triathlons

2 International Distance Triathlons

I’ve also continued & expanded my yoga practice. I did my share of Bikram but in the last couple of years Todd & I have tried many new to us studios close by.. mostly those that offer groupons. 🙂

We’ve ventured away from Bikram for the most part but there are many good sides to Bikram.  That practice draws people into yoga! If you are into fitness but are leary about yoga, Bikram may just hook you. It’s a very challenging, athletic set sequence that keeps you wanting more. Eventually, you may explore and find something you like better.  Something that is less structured, something that’s not always 90 minutes long, and something with variety.  Everyday our bodies are different.  One day you may crave an intense Bikram style yoga class but the other day your body may need to restore itself.

Once called Haute Yoga, now Yoga Six became our yoga home.  The luxury of locker rooms & showers in a yoga studio make such a difference! Yoga Six has a wide range of class options.  There’s a class for every level & style from restorative yoga to a Sculpt or Barre class.

Now, with all that being said, I still function in phases.  But I think life happens in phases and that’s not all bad.  I’m trying to find my balance & be somewhat consistent.

My mantra for life is Balance.

I try to have balance between work & play and I use the same motto for my diet & exercise.

Yoga helps me to find balance in my life.  The life I live is fast paced.. always trying to do too much.  One hour of yoga for me is like pressing the reset button.

Yoga calms the mind & body & teaches us how to extend that feeling off the mat.

Yoga helps us to live in the present moment & be grateful for it!

Yoga teaches patience for oneself & those around us.

If everyone practiced yoga, the world would be a better place.

Yoga Benefits

And this my friends is why I joined Yoga Six’s teacher training program!  I think everyone can benefit from yoga.  So why not try it out?

Teaching yoga is like learning a new language & every time I step into the teaching role, I sweat & am soo nervous.  This process will take time but I think it will help me in all areas of my life.

Public speaking is a big one.. I can definitely use practice speaking in front of groups.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist.. Todd has helped to calm this trait down a lot.  Teaching yoga is going to force me to let my guard down.. make mistakes.. and learn from them.  Then and only then will I relax & grow.

So here goes nothing! I’m on a sub list & have a community class on Saturdays now.  Yay!

I think I just rambled.. hope you enjoyed it! ha

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2 Responses to My Fitness/Yoga Journey

  1. Michelle says:

    So proud of you Tammy! Even writing this post, with raw truth is brave. Excited to see where this Yoga journey takes you… and let’s train for a race soon 😉 You know, post wedding!

  2. I think most of us did what you did in high school and college – sometimes on, sometimes off. I was definitely like that and sometimes to the extremes which isn’t good. I’m so glad that in the last few years I have found more of a balance and am much more consistent.

    Congrats on the yoga training! That is so exciting. I’d love to try a class 🙂 Just reading this makes me want to get back to Yoga 6! I’ve been doing some at home videos about every other week during marathon training (I’ve become addicted to Club Pilates so I do that 2 days a week for strength instead of yoga) but there is something so different about yoga.

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