Kimchi Miso Ramen

With a wedding coming up too quickly, money is tight.

One of Todd’s favorite foods is Ramen.  Any Asian noodles really, but Ramen especially.

We really enjoy going to ‘Convoy’ and picking from a wide variety of restaurants to get our noodle fix.  If you don’t know, Convoy is a street in SD filled with Asian restaurants and markets.  But with $$ on our mind, we can’t eat out as often as we’d like.

Top Ramen costs somewhere between 15-25 cents/packet.  Todd typically eats two at a time… so max of 50 cents.  Not the most healthy meal but economical that’s for sure.

I typically like to avoid those little packets of MSG that come along with the Ramen. Miso is great for you & a wonderful substitute.  Add some homemade kimchi and maybe some mushrooms, egg or tofu and you have a delicious meal.


Ramen noodles (any style you’d like)

Water or broth

Miso paste

Boil water & cook noodles to your liking.  Add any veggies/proteins you’d like. Remove from heat & add miso paste to taste (~3 Tablespoons). There are many styles of Miso. The ligher in color, the lighter in taste.  Test them out and see what you like best.

For extra flavor, try squeezing some lime for tang, adding spice with sriracha and don’t forget the kimchi!

I LOVE Kimchi.  I’ve made it before, but didn’t post it on this little blog.  I’m going to share it now!  The recipe I used came from Food and Wine.  For all the wonderful health benefits of Kimchi, click here.


What you need:

2 heads cabbage

1/2 lb daikon radish

1/2 small onion

1/4 cup sugar

10 garlic cloves

1 inch knob of ginger

2/3 cup of salt

3/4 cup gochugaru (Korean red pepper powder)

1 bunch scallions


Cut the cabbage in quarters, and then in slices.  Put into two large bowls & cover each bowl with 1/3 cup salt.  Let sit for 45 minutes.  Mix cabbage and let sit for another 45 minutes.

Fill sink with cold water & wash salt off of cabbage.  It might take two times.  Drain & lightly pat cabbage with towel to dry.

In a magic bullet or some other blender, puree garlic, ginger, sugar & onion.  Add fish sauce and blend.

Chop daikon into matchsticks & scallions into 2 inch pieces.

Toss daikon and scallions with cabbage.  Add garlic mixture & red chili powder & mix well.

**I forgot this step & ended up adding the daikon later & just leaving out the scallions all together. Oops no biggie..**

Pack cabbage into 1 qt mason jars.  Cover cabbage with plastic wrap & put the caps on loosely to allow the air bubbles to escape.

Let stand at room temperature for 3 days until kimchi is bubbly.  Taste it, it should be tangy and delicious.  Store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.


Enjoy!!  Hope you’re having a great week! 🙂



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  1. mom says:

    I like it with scrambled eggs or wrap in tortillas thank you!

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