I want to be greener (Part 2)

So it’s been a long time since my first of these posts. (Part 1)

But, I want to keep them going..

The first post I made laundry detergent.  I’ve been making that detergent since 2011. That means I like it right? 🙂

Recently a friend came over & used my washer bringing her own detergent.  A typical store bought one.. maybe Tide or something.  She washed a few pieces of my clothing & oh my gosh.. the smell.  That ‘laundry smell’ that people love smells like chemicals to me now.  You don’t get much of a smell at all with the homemade kind but you definitely get used to it.

Since the laundry detergent I made Homemade Body Scrubs for holiday presents that I should’ve added to this series.  This past December I made lip balm, body butter & cocktail bitters that I’ll try and work in to their own post.

I have a couple other things in the works for trying to leave less of a blueprint on this world.


For years, we bought paper towels in bulk from Costco.  I am horrible at using napkins/paper towels.  I use too many of them all the time.

I decided enough was enough and stopped buying them.  We now have hand/kitchen towels we use instead.  It hasn’t been easy.  A paper product seems to make so much more sense and I question using a towel.  But, really it does the same thing.  I may use a towel only once depending on what I’m using it for, but that’s ok.  They get thrown in the garage for the next cycle of wash we do.

Since making the body products I mentioned above and diving deeper into yoga, I’ve found a new love for essential oils.  Essential oils are naturally occurring in plants and are found to have therapeutic & medicinal benefits for humans.  I’ve mostly seen the therapeutic side to them but I don’t doubt they can work medicinally as well.

How do you feel when you smell citrus or peppermint.   Lemon, orange, grapefruit are all forms or citrus, but for me, citrus and peppermint are uplifting or energizing.  Makes sense when you think about drinking orange or grapefruit juice in the morning.  Now, how does Lavender make you feel?  Lavender is great calming/relaxing scent.

Lavender, lemon & peppermint are three basic scents used most often.  I used lavender for my body scrub & body butter.  I used lavender, lemon & eucalyptus for lip balm.

Essential oils have made me want to experiment more with making my own products.

If you’d like to experiment yourself, here’s a great place to buy them: Click Here

recipe from Wellness Mama

We ran out of hand soap and I thought it would be easy to make my own.  Here’s what I combined.

2-3 Tablespoons pure castille soap (I used Dr. Bronners)
5-10 drops of essential oil of choice (I used lavender & lemon combination)
1/2 teaspoon sweet almond oil
water to fill soap dispenser (this will work for foaming dispenser as well)

Add water & oil, then add soap last.  So far this seems to be working great.  It’s thinner than typical hand soap but I’m ok with it.

Once my soap was out I re-used the same container. Easy peasy.

photo 2 (1)


I love essential oil facial mists. They make me feel so fresh.  When you look at the ingredients, it’s really just water & essential oil.  I could make that!

Find a mini spray bottle to keep in your purse. I bought one for $2.50 at Jimbos.

Essential Oil Facial Mist
5-10 drops essential oil of choice
1 teaspoon sweet almond oil for dry skin
1 teaspoon witch hazel for oily skin

Add all ingredients to spray bottle adding water last.

Rose Water Facial Mist
Rose Water (I bought this one)
1 teaspoon sweet almond oil

Fill up spray bottle 1/3 full with rose water. Add oil & then fill remaining with water.

Spray before & after applying makeup and whenever you could use a little pick me up. 🙂

I’ve been carrying the Rose Water Spray in my purse for awhile & love it!

photo 1

Recipe from Wellness Mama

1 teaspoon borax
1/2 teaspoon super washing soda
1 teaspoon pure castille soap
5-10 drops of essential oils
distilled or boiled water

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle, shake & use as desired.

Once again, re-purposed an old bottle!

photo 1 (1)

(Recipe source)

5-6 T coconut oil
1/8 cup arrowroot powder
1/8 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup baking soda
Essential Oil of your choice

Mix the powders together. Melt the coconut oil & slowly mix with the powders.

Coconut Oil hardens when it gets cold.  I made a batch, let it sit for a day and realized I needed more oil.  It still gets kind of hard when it’s cooler but if you rub it between your fingers it’ll warm right up.  I think you want it just beyond the powdery stage.  I think it’s best as a paste.

You have to apply this deodorant with your fingers.  I’ve been doing it for about 5 days now and it’s no big deal really.  So far it seems to work pretty good!

Reading some of the reviews on the original recipe page, some people had adverse reactions to the baking soda.  I noticed if I used a lot, it almost stung slightly.  If this happens, reduce the amount you use or decrease the amount of baking soda in the recipe.

photo 2

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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3 Responses to I want to be greener (Part 2)

  1. So I kind of have this ongoing internal debate about paper towels… awhile back Don and I had a paper towel free household for a few years! We didn’t even miss them once we got used to reaching for a handtowel instead and we had a system for when to use which ones, etc. Then I got to thinking about the extra wash and therefore water required to wash more hand towels more often. Given the area we live in is prone to drought there seems to be an environmental trade-off between creating less waste or using less water. At that point we decided our good intention may be misplaced given where we live and we returned to using paper towels, but I often wonder if that’s the right choice. I was recently part of a tour of the SDG&E innovation center and when discussing sustainability I brought this up and they said they had actually studied those types of trade-offs when setting up standards for their vendor, and the result is that they require their vendors to use washable dishes and utensils, but paper napkins (I guess the water for washing dishes out weighs the amount of waste that would be created, but not for napkins). It was interesting that they actually did look at those tradeoffs, but I doubt they are the same for a household vs. a business. Anyways, sorry to write you a book but I find this stuff super interesting. And I’ve LOVED your body butter and lip balm!! =)

    • iEatNeat says:

      Hmm that is fascinating. I have wondered that. For me though, I feel I used SO MANY MORE paper towels. I think I overuse them. I love thinking about this though & discussing!! Thanks for your thought!

  2. mom says:

    Just caught up on your blogs! I love them! Thank you for the recipes and trying them first oatmeal in a jar i love! I will see almost empty jars differently from now on( with a smile ) question – did u hollow out pumpkin before baking (cut top off/seeds out?) XOXO

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